August 21, 2012

Breaking Bad helps me understand addicts. Not because of the content, but because wanting to watch the next episode makes me understand temptation to abandon job and family obligations to do something non-productive. That is to say, in my case, it's hard to pass up the urge to binge watch all day.

I've said this many times: It's a good thing that I never tried heroin, because I don't have the willpower to not eat a cookie.

As far as BB goes, I have one episode left on the Netflix stream -- the finale for Season 4. Real life people are well into Season 5, and judging by my Twitter feed, it's a doozy. Are Season 5 episodes available online anywhere?

I'd prefer legal and free, but the free trumps the legal. I'm not entirely above becoming a digital Marie Schrader, lifting content that I want without payment. But then again, I know that once I break bad, it's a slippery road that leads to all manner of insane maniacs threatening to kill my family.