A Short Post Wherein I Fix Mardi Gras

March 06, 2012

I think that ever since they moved to Thursday night, Muses has followed the Krewe of Chaos. The contrast couldn't be more stark.

Chaos is a terrible parade. Just terrible. The bands aren't good. The floats aren't clever. They're pretty much out of throws by the time they get downtown. It just couldn't be a whole lot worse.

Kolya enjoys his first Muses parade.

I have a great idea about what they could do to generate some buzz. Knowing that most everyone on the route is just biding time, waiting for Muses, they should do floats that spoof Muses. One float makes fun of shoes, one float makes fun of the St. Aug band, one float makes fun of secret themes, one float makes fun of Elvi on scooters, one float makes fun of the 610 Stompers, one float makes fun of women in fake naked suits on horses, one float makes fun of fiber optic light up butterflies, ... You get the idea.

How about one making fun of flambeaus called "Flam-blows" depicting flambeaus blowing themselves up. And/or, they could be doing embarrassing things in an sattempt to collect tips. It seems that they're sometimes pretty aggressive about that now.

Hell, twenty more minutes, and I'd have their parade planned for them.

The only thing I want for coming up with this is that they buy some decent throws, and buy them in quantity.

While I'm on the topic of throws, I'd like to start seeing doubloons and cups make a big comeback. Don't see those very much. They seem to have been replaced by stuffed animals, and believe me, any parade goers with cute kids has as many as they could ever need.