A Sad Children's Story

May 05, 2008

Once upon a time, there was a cute little Russian kid named Vanya. One night, his parents left him with a nice older lady, while they went out for some reason or other.

"This is Miss Pat," Papa explained. "She's here to play with you tonight. And I've made you a plate of beans and rice, which you like so much."

Vanya was happy.

After a little while of play with Miss Pat, Vanya was ready for dinner. "More!" he cried. (He didn't know that you should already eat some before "more" makes any sense.) He drew out the "or," so it sounded like, "morrrrrrrrre?"

Miss Pat sat him on a stool and put his rice and beans in front of him.

Vanya was happy.

While he ate, Miss Pat took out her own salad. She was hungry for supper as well.

Vanya thought a bite of salad might taste good too. So he asked for some. "Morrrrrrrrre?"

But Miss Pat didn't want to share. "No, Vanya. This is my salad. You eat your beans."

But Vanya was sure that she just misunderstood. Surely, no one would deny a cute little Russian a simple bite of lettuce.


"No Vanya. Eat your beans."

This discussion progressed, until Vanya realized that he couldn't have any salad.

Vanya was sad.

Eventually, Mama and Papa returned, and Vanya knew that he would again be allowed to eat vegetables when he became hungry.