A Day in Chuck Woolery's Life

March 30, 2007

On Monday night, Mrs. theskinnyonbenny spotted Chuck Woolery in the Dancing With the Stars audience. Confirmation that it was indeed Chuck came on the results show as they interviewed random audience members about who they thought would stay and who they thought would go. I don't think they ever acknowledged on the broadcast that it was Chuck. It was just a wink to us Love Connection fans.

I got to wondering about how Chuck ended up in the audience. Here in Baton Rouge, we have our redneck bars, college bars, yuppie bars, and bars for people who deny that they're yuppies, even though they really are. It's not such a stretch to think that Southern California adds plastic surgeon bars, movie star bars, and TV show host bars to the mix.

Chuck Woolery -- because some of you were asking, "Who's Chuck Woolery?"

I like to think that it played out something like this. Chuck Woolery, Tom Bergeron, Ryan Seacrest, and Richard Dawson are sitting at the bar....


So, any of you guys want some free Idol tickets? I can set you up.


Heck no. I went to a taping of The Match Game in 1979, and it took three hours to come up with a half-hour show. Most boring day of my life.


Yeah, but we don't tape...


(interrupting): Now you should have seen how we did Love Connection. Taped 10 shows in a half day! That was a program. It miffs me that it doesn't get the run that it deserves. If it weren't for Love Connection, we would have no reality television to this day!


Another round please.


That's about enough, Ryan. You've had three fuzzy navels already.

Ryan: I'm a big boy Tom. I can handle my liquor.


Anyway, if you guys aren't interested in Idol, I have a few tickets for Monday's Dancing.


Anyone? ... Anyone?


C'mon Chuck. I went to watch you tape Lingo. I bet there's not another person in the world who will admit to remembering that show.


How about America's Funniest Home Videos?


Hell, I couldn't even get tickets to that for my own mother. It's Dancing With the Stars. You owe me.


Well, alriiiight.


So do any of you guys think Bob Barker is still banging those hot chicks on his show, or is his noodle permanently overcooked by now?

I don't remember if I mentioned it, but I judged a Social Studies fair at a nearby school a couple of months ago. One of the exhibits that I judged was about the Hollywood Squares game show. I didn't know it before hand, but Tom Bergeron was one of the host of that show in one of its incarnations. In her presentation, the girl told me that he went on to become the host of America's Funniest Home Videos.

I asked if she knew what other show he hosts now. She didn't.

The girl totally mailed in her project. She got on IMDB, dug up some facts, and threw together a tick-tac-toe board on a piece of posterboard. But you know that in her mind, she thinks, "I didn't win just because I didn't know what other show Tom Bergeron was on."

The other reality note that amuses me from this week is the whole thing where Howard Stern has his followers calling in for Sanjaya -- who I haven't seem, but who seems to have universal agreement that he's the worst contestant by a country mile.

This intrigues me that I might just join the flock of voters. They might be a strong enough block to push this guy all the way. It would make a complete mockery of the show. It might even kill the show.

I would love to see whether the Fox people push to quit if this continues. Or would they go as far as rigging the results? If they did that and someone leaked it, that would kill the show as well. There's a real possibility that Howard Stern has the influence to ruin one of the most popular television shows from the last five years.