A Call With the Vitter Campaign

September 23, 2004

I had a most unimpressive conversation with a campaign worker for David Vitter last night. Vitter is running for a soon to be vacated U.S. Senate seat for Louisiana. She started by asking if I was "Mister McClood." (She was working on an old telemarketing list. Mrs. theskinnyonbenny's maiden name is McLeod, but it was even mispronounced. Not to mention that there never was a "Mr. McLeod" at our phone number.)


I told her that there was nobody by that name here and started to hang up when she asked if I was a registered voter. I told her I was, and she went into a really bad read of some prepared campaign text. Honestly, it sounded like a third grader stumbling through the words. And heck, third graders don't get to rehearse. She had probably read the same text dozens of times already. It only lasted a minute or so, and she asked if Mr. Vitter could count on my vote. I told her that I hadn't done my homework on the Senate candidates yet and asked why she thought he deserved my vote.

Her response: "David Vitter is for the war on terror."

So I was to presume that his opponents are all for making things good for terrorists? Of course not. So I replied, "well yeah, I'm sure all of the candidates are against terrorism. Tell me what sets Vitter apart."

Candidate David Vitter. So far, I'm not impressed.

She asked me what issue was important to me. This was clearly her highlight -- a really intelligent response, and not rehearsed in any way.

I asked this totally unanswerable, loaded question: "What does he suggest we do in order to get our troops out of Iraq, and leave a peaceful country in our wake?" Again, there is no answer to this question. Anyone who tells you that there is a way to get out soon and leave peace is a bumblehead.

She didn't call me on my loaded question, but she didn't answer my question either. I got, "He agrees with Mr. Bush." She then invited me to call an 800 number or visit the David Vitter web site.

(To be fair, here are links for the other candidates that stand a chance in November.

Chris JohnJohn Kennedy

Arthur Morrell - I can't find an official site for his campaign. Let me know if you know of one.

And one more site, just for fun...politicsla.com)

Anyway, I think we both left the conversation feeling like we had done a little good. I certainly enjoyed the conversation.