5 Minute Oil Change

October 09, 2006

Here's my public service announcement for this week. My recommendation for your next oil change.

I pull up toward the bay. The guy meets me, asks what kind of oil I want, and directs me to pull in over the pit.

As soon as I stop the motor, another guy washes the windshield. The first guy asks me what I want to drink and fixes a diet coke from a fountain between the two bays. By now the hood is up and a team of people I can't see are at work.

The first guy takes my name, address, and vehicle information. He runs my card, prints a receipt, and affixes the obligatory sticky piece of plastic that won't stay attached to my windshield more than a couple of weeks.

He asks me to start the car. He has me stop the car. The trunk closes. He hands me my card and a receipt.

I'm back on the road in the amount of time that it took you to read this post.

No shit.

And here's a tip that I didn't know before ZI went: you can print a $5 off coupon from their web site.

Traveling away from the place on Airline Highway, I hit some debris in the road, but for a minute, I'm sure that it was something from the bottom of my car that they forgot to re-attach. I wait for the oil to pour out, for my engine to seize, for my vehicle to catch on fire. But nothing happens.