September 17, 2012

I am 41 today. I'm such an old man. I guess at this point, the deeper voice, additional muscle, and lengthening penis that we learned about in 6th grade sex ed just isn't in the cards for me.

Floppy-haired kids play at the Greek Theater two weekends ago.

(I bet I've used that line in a post near a previous birthday, but I can't remember for sure, and I'm too lazy to go back and look. What can I say? I already explained that I'm an old man.)

What does an old man do for his birthday weekend? Almost the EXACT same thing that I did last weekend. A cocktail or two in the back yard Friday night. Went to Buffalo Wild Wings on Saturday to drink in the near-campus vibe and watch football. A trip to the hardware store. More football at home. A little reading.

Sunday morning, I went for a run, then to Lucy's to watch the Saints. Since I've done that two weeks in a row, and the Saints are 0 - 2, it's clearly time to find a better patio for Sunday brunch. We followed that with a nap, and then... more nothing.

Mrs. theskinnyonbenny was about to go out of her head with boredom, but like I said, I'm an old man. I want to sit at home and do nothing once in a while. I really almost never have such unproductive, uneventful weekends.

I've got more pictures posted as photos of the day from the past two weekends, starting here.


One morning a couple of weeks ago, I found myself behind a Student Driver car. We were at an intersection of a street that intersects mine and a not-very-busy street one block to the North. The not busy street is just a one-way number, and cars were spaced widely.

But the student driver would not go. Huge gaps -- 20 to 30 seconds apart, without exaggeration -- passed while the driver waited and waited and waited. I got progressively more irritated and gesticulated at the windshield, but the Student Driver status kept me off of the horn.

When he/she finally turned, there was of course plenty of room for me to make the crossing also. As I passed through the intersection, I made a quick glance to my left, and spotted the student driver two houses up the street, but angled up into the homeowner's grass. It appeared that the homeowner had backed out of his driveway, and instead of stopping, the student decided to take out part of his lawn.

Do we all start out that bad?


There are still some striking omissions from my iTunes library. Most noticably, not all of my late 80s hair metal and early rap have made the transition from cassette tape to digital. Want to hear Def Leopard at my house? We'd better try to find it on Spotify.

Last week, I added Afghan Whigs Gentlemen album. I can't imagine what took so long.