30 Rock Props

March 05, 2009

I think the "Funniest Show on TV" title made a move this fall. I'm going to have to put 30 Rock ahead of The Office or Flight of the Conchords. The gag that runs from seconds 28-45 of this episode was so funny that my laughing (in the room alone) drowned out all of the rest of the opening segment, as well as the entire theme song/credits section of the show. It might be the hardest I've laughed at a sitcom.

Not to say that the other shows I've mentioned haven't been good too. I haven't been loving Flight of the Conchords quite as much this season, but then this week, they had a thing with the New Zealand Prime Minister that was fantastic.

New Zealaned PM highlights: He used a cell phone that was the size of a football, and then had to stuff it back into his jacket pocket, he took notes on mundane conversation, and he was fooled that he was meeting Barak Obama by a celebrity impersonator. If you saw the episode, you chuckle here. Otherwise, you just think I'm a dumbass.