1:45 Until the CWS

June 24, 2009

During an early inning on Friday's LSU baseball game, they went to the standard shot of kid in lap, asleep, wasting her ticket.

The kid in question was (I think) a little girl, somewhere from 3 to 5 years old, dressed in LSU gear, and wearing gloves.

She and Vanya really should start a club.

I'll be watching tonight's championship game from the spot where I watched Warren Morris's home run in 1996. Unfortunately, I was content to sit on the floor 10 years ago, and I would much rather watch from the furniture. Especially since the furniture just made its way back into the house yesterday. I've been living without, even sleeping one and a half nights on the cold hard floor.

But anyway, I'm quite nervous, and I dreamed about the game last night, which is usually a good thing for the Tigers. We always win in my dreams, but it's always close. Several years ago, I dreamed an LSU-Florida football game, and the final score in my dream would have been right on the money had LSU made a gimme field goal that was missed toward the end of the game.

I also had a dream the other night where I was running pass routes as a cornerback trying to cover Trindon Holiday in football practice. Even in my dream, he was faster than me, but he wasn't twice as fast. I was almost able to keep up. In real life, you could cut off one of his feet, and he'd beat me on a bloody stump. I suppose that's why they call them dreams.

By the way, the only part I really enjoyed about last night's loss to Texas was the close play at first, when the camera went to Les Miles in the stand, shouting angrily down at the umpires, just like all of the other Tigers in the stands.

Pull for the good guys tonight.