Music and TV from Europoe

July 07, 2007

It's Saturday morning, and I've started listening to the Live Earth broadcasts. So far, Hamburg and London are on, and Hamburg is kicking their ass in music quality. I've heard some good New Orleans style funk, but sung in German. I know I'll never hear any of that stuff again, but I like it.

London is going to come back strong, as they finish up with Foo Fighters and Madonna. I guess I'll be tuned in all day.

The environmental preaching is having its affect too. I decided to close the back door and keep the air conditioning inside while listening this morning. If the kid will take a nap, I'll walk through the house and shut of lights in rooms where no one is sitting also.

I have the TV downstairs tuned to Wimbledon, although I'm supervising in the upstairs play room. I guess it would be silly to get slingbox to watch within ones own house. Tour de France also starts today, and I'll be watching all month.